Our Mission

To support community improvement by elevating the quality and quantity of mentoring.

MENTOR Central Ohio serves the mentoring programs who serve our local youth.
We offer direct-service providers the tools, training and support to deliver quality mentoring.
Mentoring doesn't require us to be perfect, it requires us to be present

For mentors, the challenge becomes:
  • How do I build a relationship with my mentee?
  • How do I work through difficult conversations?
  • What do I do when he/she won’t talk or isn’t open to me?
  • How do I know I’m really making a difference?
For mentoring programs, the challenges include:
  • How do we find mentors?
  • How do we make sure our mentees are safe with the mentor with whom they are matched?
  • How do we get funding to start and sustain our program?
  • How do we really know our mentoring program is really making a difference in our mentee’s life?
MENTOR Central Ohio offers evidence-based direction and solutions to these and many other challenges. As the Ohio Affiliate of MENTOR, we have access to tools and resources not available anywhere else in the state. Whether you’re a program, mentor, parent/guardian, or youth, what you need is here.
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