Our trainings are targeted toward three main audiences:


Program Staff

Our program staff trainings are designed to provide your staff the information and insight needed to facilitate a mentoring program that aligns with national best practices. Trainings cover recruitment, screening, training, matching and initiating, match monitoring and support, and closure. Click below to view our calendar of upcoming trainings.


The third of the six Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™, training mentors is a key focus for MENTOR Central Ohio as research shows that mentor training directly correlates to the continuation of the mentor-mentee relationship and positive youth outcomes.

We offer a menu of core mentor courses, some of which are offered online as well as in-person. Our core mentor courses are offered throughout the year at our location and are free for mentors whom mentor with our partner agencies. Mentors who are not affiliated with a partner agency can attend for $25 per training. We are also available to train mentors at your site for a fee. Additionally, we offer curriculum development and training customization services. Click below to register for an in-house training or contact us if you'd like to discuss additional training options.


In addition to mentor training, Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring™ best practices guide recommends training for mentees as well.  The mentoring relationship is no different than any other relationship in that both parties are responsible for the health and the success of the mentor. We offer mentee training to help mentees understand what mentoring is and what they can do to get the most out of their mentoring experience.

We know that operating a mentoring program takes a lot of effort and many programs do not have the capacity to facilitate every aspect of their program on their own.  Our Life Skills courses are designed for programs to use with their mentees either separate from their sessions with their mentor or in tandem so that the mentor and the mentee are working together to improve life skills for success.  We have some free life skills sessions available for partner programs and are also available for hire.  Click below to contact us for more information about our life skills courses.